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UCD 40


Our UCD40 is a compact and powerful drill rig for underground diamond coring rig for narrow spaces makes it ideal for use in narrow tunnels or in galleries.

  • It is modular in design with a number of options which make it easier to tailor to specific needs       and to upgrade when requirements change.
  • With the assistance of a positioner and a turntable, the drill is capable of drilling holes in all angles from vertically up to vertically down. The drill uses an electric motor to power the hydraulics on the machine.
  • Direct drive feed system for more powerful pullback and 1.7m standard feed stroke.
  • Optional 1.1m feed stroke for confined spaces.
  • Standard Self contained control panel with stand and e-stop.
  • Compact positioner with 360 degree turntable.
  • Crawler & skid options make it easier for transportation.