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RC 15


Our RC15 is compact and flexible drill in its family or reverse circulation drilling and down-the-hole drilling applications. It has simple and rugged design, making it reliable as well as easy to service.

  • Its high accessibility and reliability makes it highly suitable for drillers operating in remote
  • Capable of drilling RC 4”-160 m/RC 4.5”-100 m depth capacity
  • Hydraulic side shift for easy rod-pulling and clear access to center line
  • Standard safety features include a safety cage, low speed and low torque rotation for safe rod
  • The dual RC swivel eliminates the need for a separate lower inlet and top outlet swivel.
  • Powerful steel crawlers ensure mobility on difficult terrain
  • The optional cyclone & splitter is mounted on a 4-wheel trailer to save space and weight on
          the drill and provides additional storage space for the sample collection hose and tools.