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MD 225


Our Dynatech MD225 is a robust and powerful multipurpose drill rig in tis family that can be configured for both reverse drilling (RC) and diamond drilling applications.

  • The MD250 features increased levels of safety, operational flexibility with a low overall cost       of ownership.
  • Coring and reverse circulation drilling capability
  • Rod handling and interlocked guarding for added safety
  • Truck & crawler mounted multipurpose platform providing flexibility
  • Capable of drilling 2500m N-size, 450m RC (4.1/2") depth capacity
  • The highest quality hydraulic pumps and motors available have been integrated into this       powerful design to create a reliable machine that can cope with the toughest conditions.       rod handler, This multipurpose drill is a market leader in safety and performance.
  • Designed with power to spare, separate pumps for major functions deliver full power at
  • 22.6 ton pull back, rope over cylinder mast with 7.5 m head traverse
  • 2 speed top drive head suitable for both diamond and RC drilling
  • Top mounted main line hoist